From its inception at The Source Society,

Our story

That of La Compatibile is a passionate, visionary, and unconventional story. It begins with four entrepreneurs who had a love for coffee and wondered why, especially in Italy, espresso didn’t reach the convenience of domestic consumption for any coffee machine and, above all, to suit the taste of the homeowner.

Thus, in 2011, the company was born, the first ever in the production and selective sale of capsules compatible with all coffee machines. La Compatibile transformed the consumption method of the exquisite beverage, which until then had been exclusive to bars and cafes, into a pleasure accessible to everyone.


The international prestige

Every home has its own scent, but the scent of home is the aroma of coffee.

La Compatibile bears a significant responsibility in this axiom: since 2011, it has made available on the market the best coffee pods and capsules for the domestic production of the precious beverage, making the desire for a homemade espresso a reality.

By selecting the most relevant brands for quality and reliability, it has returned the pleasure of the powerful “small coffee” to Italians and the whole world in their homes. Today, among the world’s leading companies for selected espresso coffee capsules and pods, La Compatibile is paving the way to a new horizon.

In Italy from the Ends of the Earth

The advent
of coffee

Although the history of coffee dates back to the Middle Ages, it took many more years for the beverage to arrive in Italy.

We find ourselves in Venice, the second half of the 1500s, when a botanist and medicine preparer, Prospero Alpini from Padua, discovered the magical black decoction with energizing power during a trip to Africa. This soon became the favorite drink of intellectuals, artists, and musicians, and later of an entire nation that claimed and still holds the world record for coffee appreciation.