The birth of The Source Society

A destiny shaped
by its own history

From the moment coffee arrived on the national territory, Italians, almost by native duty, began a quest to make it the best, perfectly roasted, and thus the most aromatic, intense, and captivating on the sensory channels.

Our country already held a primacy in art, music, literature, poetry, and why not… passion.
Thus, according to a destiny already written, the Italy-Coffee pairing grew, and even today, it’s synonymous with an almost artistic competence in selection, an unquestioned mastery in roasting and evaluating the product. La nostra nazione inoltre è l’unica al mondo a creare miscele d’eccellenza.

The seal of Quality

The value
of the source society selection
The Source Society

How to obtain The Source Society seal?
By leaving it to the human senses of roasters, cuppers, and those who, by maintaining the selection within the human sensory realm, protect coffee from the dreaded digital or technological parameters, The Source Society guarantees a pre-selection of basic criteria based on an objective validation scheme very similar to stars for luxury hotels.

Characteristics of the plantation, places of origin, certifications, control, and classification throughout the production chain; each of these criteria and many others will determine a score by which The Source Society will allow the use of its pre-selection seal on packaging.